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An introduction or advancement to basic elementary math.

  • 15 min

Subject Description

1st Grade Math Curriculum This year, your student will begin to grasp how mathematics is everywhere around them. In first grade, students work with whole numbers and place value as they learn to add and subtract up through 20. They will develop number sense as they count and compare quantities, describe situations mathematically, and describe objects. Some of the goals your first grade math student will aim for include: Be able to count, identify and write numbers Perform one-digit addition and subtraction Have an understanding of quantity (more and less) Familiarity with patterns and shapes Knowledge of place value (ones, tens, etc.) Learn more about our 1st grade online math curriculum. 2nd Grade Math Curriculum Your second grader is advancing in their use of numbers and quantitative methods. This year your child learns more about place value and explores basic fractions. Second graders are introduced to “skip counting” as a way to prepare for learning multiplication. They will also learn about money, measurement, and how measures relate to one another. We use interactive math games as a key element to reinforce each of the skills second graders are learning, such as: Reading and writing numerals to 100 and counting objects to 100 or more Addition and subtraction of two-digit numbers without regrouping, up to 100, using models and algorithms Exploring number patterns on a hundred chart and with a calculator Combining shapes to form others shapes and find geometric shapes in real-life situations Learning and comparing money values including the quarter (25 cents), half-dollar (50 cents), and dollar (100 cents) Learn more about our 2nd grade online math curriculum. 3rd Grade Math Curriculum In third grade, not only are students acquiring more advanced skills in mental math, but they will also learn how to explain the steps they used to solve a problem. Third graders work to master the multipl


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